Most training institutes use the same out-of-date course material and just teach theory. Even after investing a significant amount of money and effort, students do not receive the training required by industry.

Why learn from us?

As a digital agency, we always face challenges to get the candidate with the right skills to hire. Most of the candidates who come for a job interview have a very basic knowledge and they lack the practical experience and skills required to work on actual projects.

Industry-focused training

Industry-focused teaching and training refers to educational programs, courses, or initiatives that are specifically designed to meet the needs and demands of a particular industry or sector. Instead of providing general knowledge and skills, industry-focused teaching and training aims to equip learners with the specific competencies, knowledge, and expertise required to excel in their chosen industry.

Here are some key characteristics and benefits of industry-focused teaching and training:

  1. Relevance: Industry-focused programs are designed to address the specific needs and challenges of a particular industry. They provide practical knowledge and skills that are directly applicable to real-world situations, giving learners a competitive edge in the job market.
  2. Targeted Curriculum: The curriculum of industry-focused programs is tailored to the requirements of the industry. It covers industry-specific concepts, practices, technologies, and emerging trends, ensuring that learners gain the necessary expertise to meet industry demands.
  3. Industry Expertise: Industry-focused teaching and training often involve collaboration with industry experts, professionals, and organizations. These experts provide insights, guidance, and real-world examples that enhance the learning experience and help learners understand industry best practices.
  4. Skill Development: Industry-focused programs focus on developing the specific skills and competencies needed in the industry. Whether it’s technical skills, problem-solving abilities, project management, or communication skills, the training is designed to enhance learners’ proficiency in areas that directly contribute to their industry success.
  5. Practical Training: Many industry-focused programs incorporate practical training components such as internships, apprenticeships, or industry projects. These hands-on experiences allow learners to apply their knowledge in real-world settings, gain valuable industry experience, and establish connections with professionals in the field.

Our goal with training is to close the skills gap by offering the genuine information, experience, and abilities needed to prepare for the workforce and be employable. We inform and motivate people to accomplish their career aspirations.


Courses we offer

Our courses are designed for Graduates/Under Graduates (Arts/Commerce/Science), Engineers, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. Learn only from the Industry Expert

Certified Digital Marketing Course

Graphic Design for Digital and
Print Media

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We are the only business in Navi Mumbai that trains enthusiastic students in the necessary abilities. After completing their courses satisfactorily our students have the opportunity to work with us at Nestcraft Design as interns.

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